Family & Missions Ministries

A different approach to faith development

At Joplin First we believe that family members have the greatest opportunity to impact faith development. We have learned that equipping families to learn and grow together in a communal relationship with Jesus Christ creates an environment where faith development thrives. We celebrate the diversity of the modern family unit and welcome all who desire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a plan for every age and a path for every person, no matter where you are in your faith walk.


Our mission field is WITH people. We seek to come alongside those in need, working as hands-on advocates who provide compassionate intervention in a way that promotes self-reliance and dignity. Building authentic relationships is at the heart of what we do. It goes beyond learning just a name, as we desire to understand a persons life story and learn how we can truly improve the life of that individual.


Building partnerships with other local ministry groups has allowed us to impact our community in ways we could have never done alone. Collaboration with organizations like Neighborhood Life House, Community Clinic of Southwest Missouri, Crosslines, Salvation Army, Souls Harbor, Watered Gardens, and Shoebox Ministries have been a focal point for our local missions.


In Matthew 28:19, we are called to "go and make disciples of all nations." When we look at the Greek translation of the word "nations" it really calls us to something much bigger. "Ethne" translates to "Every conceivable way in which people are grouped." Our partnerships with Heart of Africa, Pioneer Bible Translators, TMS Global, and World Gospel Mission allow us to widen our vision.

Family & Missions

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